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Racing for kids 5-16 years of age in Montana and Wyoming.

Our races in Great Falls this weekend August 23  and 24 have been cancelled because of weather. These were make up races and we will discuss on the weekend of the 30 and 31 if and when we would make this up or not. 
On August 30 and 31 we will start racing at 10 am. 

Mountain Country Quarter Midgets Association is a race club for kids. We have racers from all over Montana and Wyoming that participate with races in the Billings and Great Falls area. We are a family oriented group that involves racing in specially prepared cars that are 1/4 scale racers. Our tracks are 1/20 ovals. Any child who is 5 to 16 years of age can race. Safety features include full roll cages, multi-point seat harnesses, full-face helmets, neck braces, and other gear. There is a novice program where the child will be shown how the cars work and race with other novices according to age in the novice division. We are associated with Quarter Midgets of America a non-profit organization with 2500 family memberships nationwide and has been around for 52 years.

We are a club of volunteers. Dad, Mom, Grandpa, Grandma, the whole family can get involved. From Dad being crew chief or maybe Mom, helping score. There are many positions that need to be filled over the course of the days races.

The Billings track is located out by the BMP Speedway track. Head north on 87E to mile marker 16. We are at the third entrance. Just follow the dirt road on back to the track.
 The Great Falls track is located at Electric City Speedway. First races at the track were held May 18th.

Please contact us if you would like more information.
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