Safety is our first priority. Quarter midget racing is actually considered to be one of the safest sports in which a child can participate. Falling off a bike can produce more serious injuries than the occasional pile ups and flips encountered on the track. This safety record is the result of a comprehensive safety program that stresses both safety procedures and equipment.  Each car must conform to all National and Local club safety rules which can be seen on our Tech Info page. Car roll cages, racing clothing, helmets, gloves, neck braces, safety belts, arm restraints, mechanical components, and fuel tank location are some of the things specified. Other safety oriented traditions include first-aid kits, track fire extinguishers, corner workers (parents present during each race to assist in case of an accident), and most importantly, safe driving habits are taught to the children from their very first time on the track in classes offered for each family to help educate the driver and the handler.  There has never been a fatality in Quarter Midget Racing--lots of people consider it to be safer than riding a bike. 


There are many different classes kids can race in and many kids race in several different engine classes with several cars.  The different classes are listed below.  There are also two different experience levels and age groups: Novice for beginners, Junior for children ages 5-8 and Senior for children ages 9-16. This ensures the best experience in a child's racing career.  The speed of the car depends on the individual track and engine class. 


Quarter midget tracks, both dirt and asphalt are designed specifically for Quarter midgets racing. We have two asphalt tracks in Montana which we alternate racing at every other weekend.  One track is located in Billings, MT, and the other is located in Great Falls, MT.  You can see the locations of our tracks on our About Us page.  We also have a track in Belgrade, MT which we race at once a year and we also race at several out of state tracks annually.


Used Quarter Midgets can be purchased for an average price of $1500-$2500. Club members are often selling used cars for members within your budget.  New cars can be purchased for $5000-$8000. We would be more than happy to guide you in purchasing a car within your budget. A QMA membership costs $125 per year and allows you to race in any QMA club sanctioned race throughout the United States. Entry fees for races average $25.00 per race day, per car, locally and may vary by clubs and regions outside Montana.  ​

family fun 

Quarter Midget racing is a fun sport for the whole family.  On race weekends, parents and drivers are always working on cars. Drivers can often be found playing amongst each other between races.  Parents also help with race day activities and duties such as working corners,  scoring races (learning to score is easy and helpful) and determine the results of the races up in the scoring tower.  Families are always willing to help out.  After racing is done for the day, drivers and parents enjoy hang out or continuing to work on cars.

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